Top 5 2021 Wedding Trends

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Erin Schmidt Photography / Modernly Events / Parsonage Events

Did you get something shiny over the holidays? Don't wait to start planning! Planning is A LOT, but with a lot of research or the help from a wedding coordinator, you'll be just fine. Here are 5 of 2021s hot wedding trends:

Erin Schmidt Photography

1. Micro weddings: Just think; a room full of your 50 (or less!) closest family and friends. Every single person is close to you and your partner. Just the people that know you best. Not just someone because they invited you to their wedding or your parent's next door neighbor. Those people are cool too, but there's something so special about looking out at a handful of people and seeing them really invested in you and your love. With a smaller guest list, you're able to splurge more on they things you were originally going to have to be really budgeted on - like extraordinary florals, unique rentals, a band or one of the top photographers in your area.

Reminder: Social distancing is still in affect. We do not recommend large gatherings of any kind until it is safe to do so.

Erin Schmidt Photography / Forgather Floral Co.

2. Pops of color: For years the vibe was ivory and greenery, which was such a beautiful and classic look. But many magazines are noticing beautiful pops of brighter color in florals and I am so here for it! Weddings over the next year are going to be all about FUN and how else to convey that, than color!

Erin Schmidt Photography / Detroit Design Co. / Modernly Events

3. Outdoor receptions: With the pandemic, one of the biggest fears was how can I still hold my wedding and make sure my friends and family still feel comfortable. Give them the gift of fresh air and dancing under the stars. Tents aren't just metal and vinyl anymore - you can completely transform with drapery and floral garland.

Erin Schmidt Photography / Cornman Farms

4. Personality + Humor: It's YOUR day and it should feel like you! Put pieces of you throughout the day - fun facts and tidbits in the ceremony program, your favorite snacks at cocktail hour, or your favorite song for the first dance even if it's not a traditional first dance song.

5. Weddings aren't just for Friday + Saturdays: With many 2019 and some 2020 weddings needing to be rescheduled, many venues have suggested Thursday or Sunday receptions to help couples not have to wait a whole 'nother year. Trust me, your people are going to be ready to celebrate you and they aren't going to care what day of the week it is!

Erin Schmidt is wedding, family + lifestyle photographer from Michigan. You can follow her at @erinschmidtphoto on Instagram.