New Year, Best You: How to navigate the noise and truly hit your goals this year

There’s no time like a New Year to have us completely overwhelmed when it comes to what we should be doing for our health. We're only a few months into 2020 and it seems there's more "noise" than ever in the health and fitness space.

It seems like each day there are different food groups we shouldn’t consume or a new miracle food that we must start eating ASAP for optimal health. We’re bombarded with the latest diet fads, workout trends and “wellness” supplements. It’s difficult to know what’s real and what’s a marketing gimmick (secret: it's basically of it).

There’s also an overwhelming assumption that all of us women have the same goals and the same idea of what being “fit” is. There’s an assumption that we all want to be a “New You” in the New Year when instead couldn’t we be working to love the current us and aim for new goals, not a new us?

The truth is we all have unique and individual goals for our health this year and they’re all amazing and achievable! Whether you want to move more, get stronger, nourish your body better - whatever it is, there’s a few ways to break through the noise and ensure you accomplish your health or fitness goals this year:

  1. Write it down No matter how big or small, a goal not written down is just a wish. Write it down, put it somewhere you’ll see it often and visualize how it will feel when you achieve it. Sharing it with a friend, a coach or even on your instagram story can help you stay accountable as well.

  2. Create actionable steps & set reminders I can say I want to go for a walk every evening after dinner with the goal of increasing my steps, but if I don't write it down and set a reminder to do it, I'll probably wind up sitting on the couch watching The Bachelorette while simultaneously scrolling through instagram for hours. Make a list of the things you can do to actually reach your goals and set reminders.

  3. Mute the noise Real health and fitness goals take time, patience and hard work! Anyone preaching quick fixes, magic teas or pills is quite frankly selling some BS and should be given an unfollow immediately. Follow experts who preach balance and self care.

  4. Consider a coach If you're new to health & fitness - and even if you're not - all of the information can be overwhelming and it can be really hard to know where to start. Before you know it, you're stressed and ready to give up. Consider hiring a coach to get you started, keep you accountable, and help you reach your goals.

The main thing to remember is that you're in control of the goals you set and how you achieve them. Health & fitness is not always easy, but it is worth it!

Jess Carr is the Co-owner and Head Coach at LIFT Training in West Bloomfield. You can follow her on Instagram at & @lifttrainingco