March Overview

Like a lamb out with a big “what the heck just happened”?!

We have arrived in March and I can’t wait to tell you about this month’s astrological forecast!

Immediately on March 3rd, Mars the planet of action, war and passion moves from earthy Taurus to airy Gemini. Mars has been in Taurus since January 6th. Mars can get heated very quickly. The last place you want it is in an earth sign like Taurus, especially like last month when it was in a hard aspect with the Aquarius clump of planets. However, once Mars ingresses into Gemini it will be like a breath of fresh air!

Mars rules our energy and to back track quickly, it was in Aries for a long 6 months prior to being in Taurus for about 8 weeks! When it was in Taurus the theme was “slow and steady” but without the “wins the race”. Now with Mars moving into Gemini, the plans and practices you implemented in February will start to get some traction and you will have the energy to take it to the finish line. This could also be a time where you start to get your financials organized or finally get your taxes done because a theme of Gemini is finances. Are you due for a raise? Ask now while Mars and Mercury are working together! This is a particularly exciting time and it’s important to keep your eyes open for new opportunities!

Now because it’s Mars that we’re talking about, I think it would be irresponsible to not look at its shadow side. It’s important to have some perspective and awareness around the downside of Mars' influences in Gemini. Gemini energy can be very enthusiastic and ambitious. In turn, this can lead to a change of mind or direction so if you’re passionate about something find ways to ground your ideas, like writing them in a journal or completing small tasks that will help you reach your goal.

Having a grounding practice will be beneficial as Neptune, the planet of illusion and fantasy, will be in reality escaping Pisces. When Neptune is in Pisces we can feel more aligned with our spirituality and higher self. Neptune in Pisces can also be great for using your intuition, dreams and psychic abilities to receive visions of what wishes you want to come to life. Just make sure you have all of the facts before agreeing to any contracts. Especially around March 4th when Mercury is hanging out with Jupiter making things sound “too good to be true”! Again come back to your body, ground in, and make sure you're setting expectations clearly for yourself and others.

The new moon in Pisces on March 13th is lovely in almost every way! This day the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Neptune will all be together in the sky making it a juicy and romantic day (if not 2-3 days)! Whether you are trying to conceive a baby or birth a passion project this New Moon will be quite powerful to do so. So powerful that if you do not want to get pregnant be extra careful. This would be a auspicious time for a personal rebirth as well if you were thinking about changing your “look” in some way as Venus rules beauty and self care. Whatever your plans are for the weekend of March 13th it will set the tone over the coming weeks as New Moons mark new beginnings.

As we approach Aries season towards the end of the month things start to feel more serious. We will be coming back down from our spiritual journey through the astral planes of Pisces and move into action oriented Aries taking our dreams to the next level. It may feel like waking up from a vivid dream and having to jump out of bed to get to work. Whatever downloads you received during Pisces szn I pray you wrote them down because you will be ready to make those dreams reality, and have the energy to do so!

So I’m not sure how to say this but Astrologers have been really watching the week of March 25th through the end of the month. Mercury in Pisces will be squaring both the North Node and Mars in Gemini, so the energy here is wanting to find the truth and is very "information seeking". Remember Mercury rules communication and Mars is taking action. You may not be able to stop once you start down the rabbit hole. The North Node is not a planet but rather a “point” in the heavens that is said to be the point of destiny. No matter how this manifests it's a collective aspect and will be affecting us as a whole more so than individually. I will get to the Full Moon more closely however before I do I want to explain why this part of the month feels like a big WTF.

On March 26th Venus (feminine energy) will be with the Sun (ego, leader, and amplifies) and at the same time Mars (war, forcefulness, masculine) will also be with the North Node (development). It seems like a female leader may have to step into a position of power after a man falls ill or can no longer serve his position. This could be at the administrative level, globally, or even in your own work place. In fact the astrology behind Biden and Harris’ personal birth charts are very interesting and you can find several YouTube videos on this. But no matter what happens we will be looking for answers and may be left in a state of confusion once the Full Moon passes. Perhaps we will know more when Mercury moves into Aries on April 3rd? Keep an eye out and report back to me what happened around this week for you.

Back to you! On March 28th we will have the Full Moon in Libra. Looking at this on a personal level, that passion project that you have been holding close to your heart may finally be released into the world for all to enjoy or see. It will be a favorable Full Moon as well because it will trine both Saturn in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini! Trines are when 2-3 planets are all 120 degrees from one another or simply put, in the same element. Libra, Gemini and Aquarius are all air signs so Mars, Saturn and the Moon are creating a happy trine here! Communication will be flowing, your ideas will finally be received, your voice will be heard, and again whatever you have been working on will be under the sparkly spotlight. This very much feels like hard work paying off especially with Mars and Saturn sending beams to the moon.