January Astro Insight...cheers to hope!

Updated: Jan 7

2020 was, well, challenging...

I’m sure everyone is looking for some glimmer of hope going into the new year after the year we just had! The good news is we are definitely entering a different energy. Since December 2017 Saturn had been in earthy Capricorn challenging structures, governments, and the establishment. But, on December 17th of 2020, Saturn moved into independent Aquarius! As we work to catch our balance in this new energy we may experience anxiety, sleeplessness, and even some confusion for a couple weeks. Once we move into the new year we will begin to awaken out of the fog and gain more clarity!

Before we get right into January there is one more thing I want to mention; On December 29th we had a double full moon in Cancer. This means it was our second full moon in Cancer in the same year, the first being in January 2020. This full moon felt necessary to close out a such a dizzying year of heart break, disease, and constant pivoting and allowed us to release everything we built up emotionally all year and purge of the gunk that had been festering. A true gift from 2020 for making it through.

What to expect in January

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let’s look to see what January has in store! Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are all in Aquarius now during this Capricorn season. The first two weeks of January will be a great time to step into the new Aquarius agenda of committing to our communities, caring for humanity and the earth, along with finding a way to use the themes started in 2020 to good use. What fired you up in the last year? What did you recognize that needs changed? Well, this is your opportunity to step into your power and make a difference! Was it climate change? Start a recycling center in your neighborhood or simply find ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle! Was it social injustice? Find ways to be a voice for those who are unheard, help look for resources that can help, get friends and family educated about local elections, the possibilities are endless! It’s all about the collective at this time and how you are contributing. Start or join a group or a club if possible as the sun is goal-oriented Capricorn and the previously mentioned planets are in Aquarius.

On January 7th Mars will finally be moving out of its 6 month transit through Aries which started back on June 28th of 2020! This is an exceptionally long time for Mars to be in any sign considering its transit usually only lasts about 2 months in each sign. However, it went retrograde from September 10th until November 13th which extended his stay in his ruling sign, Aries. During that time you may have experienced illness, tiredness, and may have felt like you had to work 10 times harder. So this will be a bit of a switch up when Mars finally moves into Taurus from go-go-go Aries! No doubt you will have money on your mind and most likely you will be determined to stay focused on those New Years goals we talked about! Don’t forget to give yourself a well deserved break since Mars in Taurus will surly be having you want to sit back and enjoy all of the new things you received during the holidays. Hey — treat yourself!

On January 13th we have a strong new moon in Capricorn. This would be a great day to write down your 2021 New Year goals and start manifesting what you want to call into your life and see blossom by the time of the full moon. This new moon will be conjunct Pluto, meaning they are together in the sky, making the influence even more potent to transform your life!

Closing out the month, January 28th we will have a full moon in Leo. This will be creating a T-Square between the moon, Jupiter & the Sun in Aquarius and leaving and opening in Scorpio. This could manifest in many ways but since these planets will all be in fixed signs they leave us feeling stuck, we need to ask ourselves what actions do we need to take to shake old habits and patterns that just are not aligning with our higher selves anymore. Those old patterns may have once filled a void to bring us comfort but aren’t allowing us to really embrace all of the new energy in the air to make big changes that we are fully capable of making!

Kaitlyn Dear is watercolorist and hobby astrologer from Michigan. You can follow her at @clexo on Instagram.