February Overview - Don’t Blame Mercury!

February Overview - Don’t Blame Mercury!

Now that we are finally well into the new year and getting the hang of the pace, let’s see what February has to offer. I am going to break it down for you and pull out a couple main events happening in the heavens. One theme of the month that is most notable is all of the air energy this month. There will be absolutely no fire energy, meaning most planets are going to be hanging out in mostly air signs, more specifically, Aquarius. There will only be 3 planets in earth signs; Mars and Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn and two of them are outer planets making them less involved in our day-to-day affairs. It will be important to stay grounded, get outside, get physical, and do anything else that helps you get out of your own head, as air energy is very cerebral.

Starting with the first week of the month, Mars (the planet that rules our energy, passion, war, anger) and Uranus (the planet of sudden changes, spontaneity, and surprise) are both currently in earth sign Taurus. Mars and Uranus are in hard aspect with both the Sun and Mercury in air sign Aquarius. This energy can manifest in a couple of ways but this aspect may bring challenges or obstacles. Although this time may be stressful and challenging but once you are through it you will see major personal growth! Let's look deeper into this to see what these “challenges” may entail. When planets are upsetting one another in Aquarius and Taurus we see battles between our personal beliefs, philosophies and opinions against the determination, old ways, and willpower of others. My best advice for the first week of February is to find your center, get into nature, and mind your own business the best that you can. People will be looking for every reason to place blame and push their opinions. Staying self aware will be your biggest superpower at this time especially because Mercury will also be in close quarters! Choose your words carefully!

Mercury will be retrograde from January 30th until Feb 20. Really quick let's talk about what a retrograde is. Essentially it is an illusion from earth that a planet appears to be moving backwards. Someone once explained that it's like passing a car on the highway, where both cars are heading in the same direction but once you pass the car it appears to be moving backwards. Ok, moving on. Mercury Retrograde gets a bad rap mostly due to pop culture but truly what happens during a retrograde is that the energy or influence of the planet slows down. Mercury's energy is all about communication, transportation, and finances at its core so these are topics that may be affected during the majority of February. During MRx it is not a favorable time to sign contracts or make agreements, buy new technology or a new car, as we may find out new information later that we wished we would have known when we signed on the dotted line. However, I personally have done just about everything you’re not “supposed” to do during mercury retrograde. The worst that happened is that it led to more changes down the road. Which is exactly the vibe, re-do, re-vise, re-cover, re-start. For example I moved during a mercury retrograde and later I found out the landlord needed the house back after the contract was over. I even bought a car during mercury retrograde and about 5 months later I needed a new car. It is important to note that if you need surgery, to move, to buy a new car or piece of technology that you go forth and do so. BUT if you are able to wait it out it is advised. I could write a whole book on Mercury retrograde! One last note before I move on is that all three mercury retrogrades this year will happen in air signs. This means that the tea will in fact will be spilled this year since Mercury rules communication, secrets, and reporting! You may find out secrets, important information, and other gossip through word of mouth. Make sure to take everything with a grain of salt, check your sources and … be flexible. Again Mercury Retrograde brings our attention to what needs to be reevaluated so slow down and try and look at it from a different perspective.

The New Moon in Aquarius on Thursday, February 11th, will be much lighter than the first week of the month. In fact the new moon will be a great time to kick off Valentine's weekend whether you have a sweetie or not! This new moon will be innovative and a great time to enjoy the things you have currently in your life. If you are one to practice manifestation or crystal work it is safe to do so under this New Moon however please be mindful that Mercury will still be retrograde. On the same day Venus (the planet of beauty, sex, and comforts) will join Jupiter (the planet of gifts, luck, and expansion) in Aquarius. Again, whether you have a sweetie or not you will feel connected! If you are out of gift ideas for your friend or love, make them a good ole fashioned mixtape. Some themes may be around true friendships or fortune from direct friendships, helping others or your community, and freedom! Jupiter is the higher octave of Venus so whatever you are calling in on this New Moon you should see success by the time of the full moon and even over the course of the next 6 months!

On Friday, February 27th, we will be shifting gears when the Moon opposes the Sun in earthy Virgo, bringing the Full Moon! Finally, some grounding energy to tap into! Oh so we would hope. Although Mars has been in Taurus since January 6th it has been far from grounding! At this point in the month or within 4-5 days after the Full Moon any surprises or tricks that Mercury had for us will have surfaced. Virgo asks us to look get rid of anything stagnant that has been holding us back! We may even be called to offer assistance and be of service. Although this full moon looks like we'll be cleaning up the mess after the party I should note that it will be making a connection with Uranus in Taurus. So there may be one lady surprise before the mess is completely cleaned up so stay alert for any news. Since the Moon will be opposing Neptune in Pisces the overall vibe here may be surrounding romance and love interest. Could be that Mercury brought an ex or old friend out of the woodwork and you are face to face with what has transpired over the course of the month. You may be having to make a decision.. to stay or to go, to apply or quit, start fresh or stay stagnant. Either way this Full Moon is going to be a great way to bring closure to a (somehow busy) February, pandemic and all!

Kaitlyn Dear is watercolorist and hobby astrologer from Michigan. You can follow her at @clexo on Instagram.